How Does Exercise Affect Your Sex Life?

It is a known fact that doing some regular exercise can bode well for your overall
wellbeing. I am talking about benefits to the physical, mental, and psychological aspects
of your life. But, research findings suggest that exercise can actually improve your sex
life as well. What gives?

Men’s Natural Viagra

Men who suffer from sexual dysfunction would often have to turn to medications and
libido-boosting supplements to somehow gain back their sexual vigor, but did you know
that one natural way of getting the same effect is by doing regular exercise?

In numerous studies, men who lead more active lifestyles are less likely to develop
symptoms of erectile dysfunction- a condition where there is inadequate blood flow to
the penile muscles, resulting in fewer contractions, i.e. less powerful and sustained

In fact, men who had led sedentary lifestyles before showed remarkable improvement in
one study by incorporating physical exercise about 3-4 times a week in a period of 6

Women, too, can actually benefit from regular exercise. A study revealed that women
who went on cycling for 20 minutes straight showed increased sexual arousal after
making them watch porn after the event.

The reason why regular exercise is touted to be nature’s Viagra is the fact that it can
help improve overall blood flow in the body.

An Improved Self-Image

Exercise invariably leads to toned muscles and lower body weight. Self-image always
takes a hit when men and women start gaining those extra pounds from lack of physical

Physical exercise not only helps tone muscles, but it also helps build them, as well as
help improves their flexibility. Not to mention that strenuous activities can lead to
increased testosterone production in both men and women- a sex hormone that is
mainly linked to an increase in sex drive.

Sex Weakens the Body?

There is a notion that male athletes should never engage in sex a day or two before
competition because, as Rocky Balboa’s trainer would put it, ‘women weaken legs’. Is
there some truth to this?

Well, if we look at some studies that tackle this specific topic, there is little evidence to
prove that having sex before competitions can actually diminish performance. If
anything, it actually improves performance across the board.

There was a study where men had their grip strengths measured just a couple of hours
after sex. It showed little to no decrease in grip strength after it has been measured for a
couple of days.

However, this study did indicate that men who had their grip strength measured just two
hours after sex had a slight decrease in performance, but that may be attributed to the
fact that so much energy was spent doing the deed.

Does Sex Count as Exercise?

Technically, any activity that can make you sweat counts as an exercise, but if you talk
about sex being an effective one will depend on the intensity and longevity.

You see, sex doesn’t usually last for more than 10 minutes on average and if that is the
case, then it is not an effective exercise. However, the same cannot be said for people
who can go the distance. Sex can burn 4 calories per minute for men and 3 calories per
minute for women.

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