Training Frequency or Exercising Consistently- Which Works Best?

A lot of men want to sweat it out and exercise. From doing rigorous cardio sessions or lifting the heaviest possible weights during resistance training, there is no doubt that men would actually love exercising.

Exercising could provide a lot of health benefits. Not only does it allow you to live longer (because you will be healthier) but it will also help you prevent problems in bed such as premature ejaculation and, in some cases, erectile dysfunction as well.

Now, the big question here is should you think about training frequently or should you just think about training consistency?

Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, and his team is here to debunk that.

The Study

Before I talk about Schoenfeld’s study, I first want to tackle something about conventional muscle wisdom.

We are led to believe that whenever we lift weights, for example, it would ‘damage’ our muscles so that it grows stronger. That is initiated by the repair and recovery process about 48 hours after the training session.

More advanced lifters, according to Schoenfeld, can lift more times per week since their muscles have been accustomed to the damage. He states that this is the reason why seasoned lifters can exercise even 6 times a week.

To answer the question of which is better when building muscle- training frequency or training consistently- Schoenfeld and his team have created two groups of people.

In one group, they are only allowed to train a maximum of 3 days per week, while the other group trains for six days.

Now, you have to know that the study condition would be that both groups would still end up with the same training volume. So for instance, the 3-day group would do 4 sets of an exercise while the 6-day group would do only 2 sets per exercise.

The group would be under a 6-week training routine and they will be tested after the period to know if there are any substantial findings.

The Result

Now, if you were to bet which group made the most muscle, which team would you put your money on? I am willing to bet that you’re going to root for the 6-day group, but the conclusion is actually surprising: both of them ended up getting the same amount of muscle.

After a certain period, both of the groups underwent ultrasound imaging so that the researchers are able to measure the thickness of the muscles that were involved in their training, which many includes the forearms muscles and the quads.

The muscle gains in both groups are actually quite similar. This actually presents something really amazing since conventional wisdom would state that you should workout at least 4 times a week.
All in all, you just have to find the configuration that works for you. Personally, I can workout 4 times a week since my schedule permits it, but if you can only spend 2-3 days a week in the gym, then that is okay.

Now, do remember that if you’re going to go fewer than 4 times a week, you need to up your intensity to compensate.

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