The Importance of Media Attention at Your Events


There are plenty of events happening every single day, but only a few of them are something that was made “public”.
What I mean is that there are some top event management that are not well-known due to the fact that it didn’t have any media coverage.

Having media or news outlets cover your event can increase brand awareness and more and more people will know of your cause. There are so many advantages to getting the media to cover your event. It provides more credibility since media outlets only cover occasions that are newsworthy.

It increases brand visibility by boosting public awareness. Again, there are many events out there that are being held, but only a few of them really take off because of the media. Anyway, how are you going to get their attention so that they will cover your future events? Here are some tips:

1. Sort It Out

With plenty of media outlets available in your area, create a targeted list of only the ones that cover your particular niche.

There are entertainment news outlets, media outlets that cover general news, and soon. Find ones that will not hesitate to be there and ones that you feel are genuinely interested in your cause.

2. Contact Them

Once you have created the targeted list, find ways to contact them. Once you speak to the ones who are running the show, make sure to talk to them and give them juicy details so that they will be invested in the event.

You can also specify what it is all about so that they can create a press release highlighting the things that are going to happen.

Anyway, media outlets will be very in tuned when the events you’re going to host are those with noble causes such as giving to charities, something that involves celebrities, and so on.

3. Invite a Celebrity

As mentioned in my previous tip, media outlets will not hesitate to be there at your event if there is a local celebrity involved. Now, the artist you will invite at your event should be someone who is noteworthy or someone who is rising in popularity. Doing so will surely lure the news people in.

4. For a Noble Cause

If your event is for a noble cause like helping the kids in Africa or you’re an affiliate of Unicef, the media and the press will most likely be there at your event.

Again, invite those that are most likely going to be interested. But, for the most part, if it is for a noble cause, you’re going to expect some company.

5. Hire a Photographer

Although media outlets already have their own camera crew, you still need to hire a dedicated photographer that will capture the important moments of your event.

Choose some of those pictures so that the media anchors can publish and create a press release about it. Furthermore, ask them if they could make a TV segment about your event.


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