How Long Must You Wait Before Getting Pregnant Once Again?

Do you love shopping for baby clothes, baby carriers and baby diapers in Malaysia? Shopping and dressing up your little one are probably two of the easiest, most exciting parts of motherhood. You need to cherish these moments, since kids grow up fast. Unless, you want to have another little baby you want to take care of.

Should you wait a long time before getting pregnant again? Here are some things you should keep in mind regarding this matter.

  • Your body still needs to recover completely from the previous pregnancy. Regain 100% of your strength first before planning your next pregnancy. Keep in mind that a planned pregnancy is a healthy pregnancy.
  • Use birth control until the time you are ready to have a new child. 
  • Try your best to wait a minimum of 18 months between getting pregnant again, and giving birth. Very little time in between pregnancies can increase the chances of premature birth.

Getting pregnant too soon can increase the chances premature birth. But, why? Well, health care professionals are not really sure. It can be because your own body requires more time to:

  • Reset your vagina’s microbiome. A microbiome is a cluster of microorganism. Many health experts believe that this plays a primary role in premature birth. 
  • Gather up a significant supply of nutrients, such as folic acid. Vitamins and minerals help your own body to stay strong and healthy. If you don’t take in enough nutrients, another pregnancy would cause serious problems to the baby.


  • Heal from inflammation and infection. Pregnancy complications can lead to swelling and redness in some body parts, like womb. If you experienced a condition similar to endometritis in your previous pregnancy, and then gets pregnant again even before you are completely healed, then you might experience it again.
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