Different Types of Storage Options used in Hosting

If you go and choose the right web hosting provider, you will find that they are also offering different storage options. The storage, in this case, is the amount of disk space you can use for all of your website’s files.
Through this hostgator reviews Malaysia, it can definitely help you in choosing what’s the best for your website. That being said, there are actually many different types of storage options you can choose from and in this article, it will talk about some of the most popular ones.

Solid State Drive or SSD

Most of the hosting companies nowadays make use of a Solid State Drive or commonly known as the SSD. Unlike a conventional hard drive, an SSD does not have to rely on moving and mechanical parts to store data.
Instead, it uses a NAND-flash memory which means that the data is completely digital when it comes to reading and writing.
Typical SSDs would give you more than 550MBps of read and write speeds and provides the best performance among the different storage options. They are known to be sturdy due to the lack of moving parts and its speed is unparalleled compared to previous storage options.
The only thing that’s holding people back in getting an SSD is the price. Because of what it can bring to the table, SSDs are much more expensive than your conventional hard drive. However, if you do not mind spending some extra cash, you definitely want to invest in an SSD.
SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
A step above Parallel AT Attachment (PATA), SATA offers many advantages. One of this is faster data transfers, more efficient I/O queueing, and many more.
It is a much cheaper option compared to SAS because you can get about 6 SATA cables for the price of one SAS cable.
Although it is a good means of providing a lot of storage space, it typically is not a good thing to use the SATA configuration, mainly because it cracks under pressure. If the servers are under heavy load, read and write speeds could be compromised.

Serial Attached SCSI or SAS

Serial Attached SCSI or SAS for short is the new version of SCSI or Small Computer Systems Interface. This is the direct competitor to that of SAS in that it provides the same amount of storage, albeit tremendously faster than what SATA is capable of.
What’s holding back a lot of web hosting companies from using SAS as their main storage option would be price. Although it is a bit cheaper than SSDs, SAS is considered to be the middle ground. If anything, you’d just want to spend a little bit more to get SSDs.


Now that you know the typical storage options mainly used by web hosting companies, which do you think is the best? Obviously, SSD or solid state drives provide the best performance possible, albeit quite expensive than the others.
However, because it uses NAND-flash and because of the absence of moving parts, you are assured of amazing performance across the board.

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