5 Most Common Mistakes While Picking a Web Host

1.Going for the cheapest web services

Looking for reliable web hosting companies in Malaysia is not an easy task. Make sure you do comprehensive research about all the specific plans that you are planning to pick. Going for the cheapest one is not always the best idea. Free web hosting plans provide poor support, and can’t assure people about uptime and server stability.

2.Signing up for a longer period of time

If it’s your first time to work with a website hosting company, don’t sign up with them for one year or so, and then pay them ahead of time. In many cases, it’s difficult to get your money back through refunds. Pay for one month first. Then, test the quality of their service.

3.Searching for the “top website hosts”

The online world is home for both bad and good people. Be careful in choosing web hosts from these lists. In some platforms, most of the details included are fake.

4.Looking for ‘unlimited website hosts”

Newbie bloggers are usually the most excited and determined ones to start their blog infrastructure. They assume that those website hosting companies claiming that they offer unlimited everything are reliable. Keep in mind that the term “unlimited” is not applicable to the industry. It’s highly impossible to let clients host unlimited domains on a single hosting account, let alone offer them unlimited bandwidth and storage.

5.Price over anything else

Never let pricing be the only component that determines the host you go with. Sure, cheap website hosting plans are good for our pockets, but there is a significant difference between affordable and cheap. Clearly, a decent website host can’t deliver decent services to decent customers with prices such as 1$ to 3$.

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