13 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Every College Student’s Daily Life

13 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Every College Student's Daily Life


Mobile app development services in Malaysia is simple communication tools at nowadays. It is a great technology advancement that can make our lives easier especially for every college student’s daily life. The industry is growing fast, so you should take advantage of newest trends.

The access and availability of the internet, cumulative advancement of mobile technology, and the amazing communicative interface in these gadgets can result to a new, innovative mobile experience.

  • Google Drive


Do you need an efficient backup for your photos, videos, documents and other files? You can use Cloud Drive for this. It’s completely accessible through computer, tablet and smartphone, and can easily be shared to your friends!


  • Dropbox


Dropbox is the platform for you if you need to share and store tons of data, especially videos and photos. Through Dropbox, sending big files will be much easier.


  • Webster’s College Dictionary


This is one of the most authoritative and useful apps you can use on your smartphone. Over 4,700 senses and entries have been added, alongside several word definitions, synonym notes, tables, drawings and charts.


  • Pocket


Do you want to save an online article, and read it later? Pocket is one of the most efficient bookmarking apps around. It lets you bookmark online materials, videos, and other content, so you can access them at a much later time.


  • Trello


Are you looking for a good managing and organizing app? Whether you are planning a birthday party, live projects or freelance assignments, choose Trello. It allows users to make boards to organize your work process.


  • Scribd


Scribd is the world’s largest online library. It helps students look for several different books and documents which are crucial for their studies. All of those materials are shared by different individuals from around the world.


  • Alarmy


Alarmy is also regarded as the world’s most annoying alarm. This is not your typical alarm clock—it will wake you up with a unique twist! It requires users to accomplish simple tasks before being allowed to hit the snooze button.


  • My Study Life


Organize your exams, tasks, and classes efficiently through My Study Life. From assignments and exams to revisions and rotation schedules, you’ll never forget your task details again.


  • Evernote


Evernote is popular app that never grows old in every list. It doesn’t only assist users with note taking, but also in managing voice notes and images.


  • Vee


Do you want to express yourself without revealing your real identity? Vee can act like a college bulletin board that you can utilize with other users from your office or college. Be ready to express your thoughts and feelings on every subject.


  • Circle of 6


Looking for a new, exciting way to interact with your friends? Circle of 6 will allow you to look out for your beloved companions. This amazing app helps you prevent violence through pre-programmed alert messages, with exact locations.


  • Toshl


A simple app can help you manage your finances properly. Toshl can help you organize your expenses, and keep your own financial record in just one click. It will show you where your cash is going, and set up your budget in the coming weeks and months.


  • Fast Scanner


Are you regularly dealing with tons of documents? Fast scanner is a handy scanner you can use anytime, anywhere. It can create PDF and JPEG files, and allows you to send it to a friend using any device.

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